July 26, 2013
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Windows Media Player is a solid piece of software for music and videos that comes installed on every personal computer with the Windows operating system. While Windows Media Player is able to perform most tasks, there are still a few better alternatives for people looking for a more enhanced experience.

The top alternative to Windows Media Player would have to be Wondershare Player. It features a much more stylish and attractive design to go along with a few extra features. Wondershare Player can play just about every possible video file on your computer instantly, and you can even take a picture at any moment of your videos.

The other main alternative to Windows Media Player is VCL Media Player. The biggest draw to VCL Media Player is that it is accessible to a variety of different computer operating systems, unlike the other options. VCL Media Player will also attempt to fix any damaged video files that you have stored on your computer. While it is not going to be successful every time, it is nice option to have available.

RealPlayer is another free media player, but it does not offer the extra features found on VCL Media Player and Wondershare Player.

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