January 13, 2012
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Say youre sitting at home using your http://www.satelliteinternetbroadband.com/hug when a tempting offer comes up free _____! Thats all well and good but if it means youve got to install endless toolbars and reset your homepage it may not be a deal after all. Here are the worst offenders
Free E-Cards: People fall victim to the trap of taking forever to choose an e-card, spending time writing a message and then being asked just before its sent to install a toolbar. Deceptive? Yes, effective? Also yes.
Weather Apps: WeatherBug is one of the worst offenders but there are others so beware. Theyll ask you to install a toolbar to get free weather alerts youre better off just going to weather.com each time you need to check the conditions in your area.
Adobe: Acrobat is a necessary evil if youve got a PC but that doesnt mean you have to be a slave to update after update. Remove yourself from the product update list and keep only the newest version of Reader that you need you should only feel the need to update every 3 or 4 times they come out.

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