January 12, 2012
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Chrome is an excellent browser that provides a lot of useful add-ons to help make surfing the web a lot easier! Check out 10 of the most essential and free add-ons.

1.)For all the sports fans, theres an app called the Sports Scoreboard that allows you to follow results from NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and the NCAA.

2.) If you want to have a little bit of fun and take a break from your work, theres a Pacman Classic Arcade game.

3.) Chromed Bird is another excellent add-on just for people that use Twitter frequently. It makes tweeting a lot easier.

4.) Bit.ly is a great site for shortening your long URL links. Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or sending an e-mail, it creates less characters.

5.) For those that like to mess around with photos, Flickr has an add-on with keyboard shortcuts, lightbox for previews, and many more features!

6.) If you use Gmail, theres an add on that checks your e-mail more speedily. This is also the case for those that use Google Plus as it shows your notifications on there as well.

7.) Are you a movie buff? Well, the Flixster add-on allows you to see release dates of DVDs, movie showings in theaters, and movie reviews without having to open another browser tab.

8.) Adblock is also an essential add-on. This helps with your speed of traveling to different pages as well as blocking ads.

9.) YouTube Downloader its an excellent way to download videos right from the YouTube page onto your PC. If you have a favorite video, this is your add-on.

10.) Lastly, is the Google Chrome Dual View. For those that work on projects and use widescreen monitors, this is a great add-on to help get your tasks done more efficiently.

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