July 10, 2011
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If youve been using Firefox as a standalone browser, boy are you missing out. The numerous add-ons available and the vast customization options offered by Mozilla transform Firefox from a good browser to a great one. For speeding up Firefox, here are a few that everybody needs to have:

Adblock Plus
Simply put, it blocks ads. Not just pop-up ads, but banner ads. The ads that blink, ones that want to sell you a free Ipod, those egging you into playing a game, all of them. It even blocks Youtube video ads. It must, however, be used sparingly.You can find a quick rundown here Some websites will not allow it to be used and force it to be turned off. It can be disabled on a specific sites with a simple click, so it should not be a problem.

Everybody who has ever received adware or a virus from a webpage should get this one immediately. Those malicious scripts that launch in a browser causing all kinds of problems are prevented by this simple add-on. Any unneeded scripts on a webpage are killed immediately, increasing both your security and the speed at which Firefox will browse.

Firefox Lite
This simple little add-on allows the tweaking of various settings within Firefox. Simple tweaks can go a long way and it gave my own Firefox a small boost.

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